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1- Warranty Period

The warranty period for Beaver-T's turbocharger is 3 months from the date of purchase.

2- Warranty Conditions

Products are in warranty period.

Products must be officially manufactured or distributed by Beaver-T.

Brand stamps are intact and can be identified as products of Beaver-T.

The components of the turbocharger are not separated and rusted.

Turbocharger oil leakage due to manufacturer's fault.

The material factor such as rocker arm on the turbine housing is broken, the impeller shaft is cracked, and so on.

3- Cases that are not under warranty

3.1 Turbocharger oil leakage due to assembly error.

3.2 The impeller is broken.

3.3 There is rubbing phenomenon between the impeller and the housing.

3.4 There are abnormal noises from the turbocharger.

3.5 Engine power is insufficient.

3.6 The turbine housing is leaking because:

- Use the low-quality air filter or improper air filter maintenance

- Turbocharger cooling hose is cracked or torn.

- Impurities penetrate into the turbocharger, and that leading to damaged impeller, dynamic balance destruction between two compressors and the turbine which results in the uneven gap and oil leakage.

Beaver-T reserves the right to repair or replace free of charge depending on specific cases. Beaver-T reserves the right to retain defective parts of products.


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