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-Why oil contamination will cause turbocharger damage?


As turbocharger rotors spin at speeds of up to 240,000 rpm and are exposed to temperatures of 950°C, the turbine bearings are under enormous stress. The turbine shaft and bearings rotate in a thin film of oil. Therefore, any interruption of the turbine oil supply can cause damage to the engine bearings before they fail. Running without oil for five seconds will do as much damage to the turbine as five minutes to the engine.

Ensuring that the oil pressure in the engine is within the manufacturer's specifications is important, but even more important is that the turbine's oil passages remain clean to supply uncontaminated oil at the correct pressure. Contaminated oil can wear down bearings, causing rapid wear and eventual turbine failure.

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What causes oil contamination?

-Filter is clogged, damaged, or of poor quality.

-Soot deposits in the engine. They can quickly contaminate even fresh oil

-Accidental contamination of new oil during use.

-Oil filter bypass valve failure.

-The engine wears out and worn products get into the oil

-Deterioration due to overheating or delayed oil change.


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