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Specific Case That NOT Under Warranty(4)

CASE 4 - There are Abnormal noises from the Turbocharger

There is a very harsh noise from the turbocharger while under operation.


There are different reasons such as air leakage, housing rubbing, dirty shaft and so on.

- Situation 1:

The air inlet pipe is leaking. It can be checked with soapy water or judged according to the traces of oil leakage.

- Situation 2:

The air outlet pipe is leaking. The engine air outlet pipe, the end of the outlet pipe and so on can be based on the exhaust traces.

- Situation 3:

Mechanical noises: The impeller rubs against the housing, loose screws and so on.

- Situation 4:

The turbocharger do not matches the engine.

- Situation 5:

The air inlet pipe of the turbocharger is blocked.

*In addition to the above situations, other reason other reasons cause a very harsh noise are not under the warranty either since this is an error caster during operation an installation *


- Maintain the engine and do not need to replace the turbocharger.

- If it is rubbing against the housing, fix it according to the rubbing phenomenon, If it is loosening, check the impact forces and tighten the screws.

- If the part number is not matched, a suitable turbocharger needs to be replaced.

- If the air inlet pipe is blocked, clean it and maintain the air filter.

Note: If the abnormal noises are not caused by rubbing against the housing, you should not replace the turbocharger but check other systems of the engine instead.


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