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Specific Case That NOT Under Warranty(3)

CASE 3 - The Turbocharger Rubs Against the Housing

When the dynamic balance of the turbocharger is broken, the compressor impeller and the turbine compressor will rub against the housing and cause the phenomenon as shown below:


The lubricating oil has 3 main functions in the turbocharger which the lubricating, cooling and forming a pressure oil film for the bearing system. If there is insufficient lubricating oil during operating, low oil pressure, or any other reasons affecting the lubrication will cause the housing rubbing phenomenon or even break the shaft.

- Situation1:

The lubricating oil filter of the engine does not meets the quality requirements.

- Situation 2:

The filter element is punctured or the engine main oil inlet line filter is blocked.

- Situation 3:

The lubricating oil is not replaced according to the regulation.

- Situation 4:

There are impurities entering the lubricating oil inlet pipe when changing the turbocharger or when changing the turbocharger or when pre-lubricating in the first place.

- Situation 5:

The sealing glue or sealing gasket fragments entering the lubricating oil pipe.

- Situation 6:

The engine suddenly stops after a heavy load or not.

- Situation 7:

There is no pre-lubrication before assembling the turbocharger or not.

- Situation 8:

The oil inlet pipe or the lubricating oil filter is blocked or not.

- Situation 9:

The oil pump is faulty or the lubricating oil pressure is low or not.

- Situation 10:

The lubricating oil is aging and gelling.

- Situation 11:

Mixed with other liquids, causing the turbocharger to wear out.

- Situation 12:

The back pressure at the exhaust end is high or not. For example poor discharge due to a damaged exhaust valve or the muffler is blocked or the exhaust air purification device is inadequate.

- Situation 13:

Unilateral housing rubbing. The housing is subjected to external forces of the popes connected to the turbocharger are twisted and deformed.

The above situations will cause the internal parts of the turbocharger to be worn and scratched as shown in the follow figure and lead to the housing rubbing phenomenon:

*In addition to the above situations, other reason leading to undefined objects to enter the turbocharger are not under the warranty either since this is an error caster during operation an installation *


- Maintain the engine.

- Clean the oil inlet pipe.

- Replace the oil filter with a meet-requirement one.

- Change to standard oil.

- Change the turbocharger.


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