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Maintenance your turbocharger 

- Make sure that the turbocharger is always lubricated.
- The oil filter needs to be cleaned or replaced regularly.

- Regularly check the air filter, clean and replace the filter element periodically.
- Remove the compressor housing and the turbine housing periodically, then clean the inner flows of the two impellers and two housings.
- Periodically check the tightness of the inlet pipe between the air filter and the turbocharger, between the turbocharger and the engine, otherwise it will cause loud noises and oil leakage.

Car Mechanic

Daily use and maintenance of turbocharger-lubrication system

• Lubricant requirements

– Lubricating oil grade: SJ/CH-4 (API) or A3/B3 (ACEC)

– Lubricating oil viscosity: 15W40 (Southern), 5W30 (Northern)

– Need to be filtered through an oil filter no larger than 5μm

• Pre-lubrication of the turbocharger is required in the following cases

– Excessive downtime

– replace with a new turbocharger

• After the engine starts, keep the engine running at idle speed for 3-5 minutes to ensure that the oil pressure meets the requirements of use


• Before shutting down the engine, keep the engine running at idle speed for 3-5 minutes to reduce the overall engine temperature


• It is strictly forbidden to use the operation method of "acceleration-flame-off-neutral coasting"


• It is strictly forbidden to use liquid-formed sealing gaskets, sealing strips, and sealants on the sealing surface of the turbocharger oil circuit

Equipment Lubrication
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