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The basics of turbochargers

The turbocharger is a very important component of the engine used to enhance the power of the engine and reduce exhaust emissions. The turbocharger is not a kind of power, whose function is to supply more compressed air to the engine reusing the energy that remained in the gas exhausted from the engine.

Turbocharger is mounted on the engine exhaust pipe. The exhaust air released from the engine cylinder causes the turbine impeller to rotate, then drives the compressor impeller to pressurize the air passing through the air filter into the cylinder or burned more fully, hence the engine can produce more power or reduce the exhaust air and reduce the fuel consumption level.

By-pass type turbocharger takes into account high and low-speed performance and has the advantage of large torque at low speed. The operation of the by-pass valve is controlled by the boost pressure of the turbocharger. When the boost pressure is greater than a predetermined value, the by-pass will be opened and release part of the engine exhaust gas. It control the strength of the turbocharger, so that the burst pressure in the cylinder does not exceed the allowable value of the engine mechanical load.


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